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The Story

Its 2017, and I had just leased my 800 sqrf studio apartment. I loved the open space, but I didn't want to compromise on the space or the looks when I was picking out my furniture. Quickly my main focus became the sofa and the bed. I definitely needed one of each, but I didn't want my friends and guests to see, or sit, on my bed when they visited, nor did I accept sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa-bed mattress. I wanted a sofa bed that checked all the boxes and compromised on none. A sofa bed that is comfortable, is 100% sofa when in sofa mode, but also has a hidden bed frame that accepts a standard mattress. I didn't want it to be obvious that it was a sofa bed when my guests visited, and at the same time. I didn't want to compromise on my sleeping comfort, so I had to have any mattress I wanted, thick or slim, plush or firm.


I couldn’t find that on the market, I knew i could build it, so I set out to do just that. And that’s how the most-uncompromising sofa bed came to be. In 2018 I had completed the first version of the KANABED and took it to a furniture tradeshow and we got great feedback.


Fast forward a few years, and after numerous improvements, adjustments, prototypes and optimizations. I can now share with you the world's first true sofa bed*. It is the most ergonomic, most optimized, and most advanced Kanabed ever. It truly is 100% sofa and 100% bed, all in a single piece of furniture.

* According to our internal research.


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