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The Sofa Bed That Uses a Standard Bed Mattress.

Kanabed is a premium sofa bed that has a hidden bed frame which accommodates Twin, or Twin XL standard mattresses.

It effortlessly converts from Sofa to Bed in seconds, and has ample built-in storage for all your beddings & pillows.

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Looks great In Any room

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It's a sofa...

Kanabed is a premium sofa with an ergonomic design that is so comfortable. The Twin version seats two, and the Twin XL version seats Three.

Kanabed sofa bed, in bed configuartion.

... but it's also a bed !

In less than 5 seconds*, Kanabed converts from a sofa to a bed. And when Kanabed is in bed configuration, it's 100% bed. You can use your own Twin, or Twin XL, mattress in it**.

* Our time was 4 seconds.

** Depending on version. Recommended maximum mattress height is 12 inches (30 cm).

10 year warranty

We trust our design and manufacturing processes so much, that we are guaranteeing Kanabed against manufacturing defects for 10 years !


The mechanism that makes Kanabed possible has multiple issued and pending patents !

modern contemporary design

Its modern contemporary design would wow your guests, and make it a perfect fit for any room.

Kanabed sofa bed. Render of sofa in a room, converting from sofa to bed and back.

The world's first true sofa-bed*

Kanabed is the result of years of R&D by a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. This patented design allows you to have the best of both worlds: a premium, comfortable sofa, and a bed that suits you perfectly! Gone are the days of choosing comfort over looks, or vice versa.

It is a living room, bedroom, and storage, all in one!

*According to our own research.

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Get an Exclusive Discount

We're launching soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now !



We are still in development and the final designs may change. The images for limited editions are the latest prototypes that we have, and we will update you with any changes to appearance, cost, or function. Final VIP price is subject to change, we will notify you before the campaign launches.

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